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Seeway Art Studio is a dedicated space for artists to develop and further their work. The Art Residency is designed for mid-career artists. This residency is based on development and commissioning for local artists. Residents have access to shared workspace and a community of other artists with whom to network and collaborate. We bring together artists from multiple disciplines and allows them the time and resources to collaborate. 

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Liu has exhibited in the US including shows at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Reid Chapel Gallery in Baltimore, United States Capitol, Sarah Silberman Gallery, and VisArts Gallery in Rockville. Her work was published in the Red Jacket Magazine in 2013. Liu is a Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and received Marie Teixeira Member Printmaking Award

The BFA in paninting, Maryland Institute College of Art


Hera Kim Artist

When I paint, I do not reveal my pain as it is. That is too cruel and monstrous. I wrap the pain and the memory inside a paradise. I am not able to identify whether the process is a positive healing or a negative distortion. It might be proven by time, at the end of my life. Currently, I paint. I just paint.


Dieglo   Artist



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